Plantui Cherry tomatoes 'Venus', 3 capsules

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Cherry Tomatoes Venus, 3 capsules, cherry tomatoes 'Venus'
Solanum lycopersicum 'Venus'

• Vegetables for versatile use
• Very slow growing, harvest after 16–20 weeks
• 3 capsules with plants
• Including nutrition

• Set of three Plantui capsules with seeds.
• Grow fresh and tasty vegetables at any time of the year.
• Plantui capsules contain seeds and nutrients needed for growth.
• You don't need any gardening knowledge, you just put the capsule in a smart garden and you can watch the plant develop.
• Without the use of clay.

Cherry Venus tomatoes are juicy and full of flavor.They are great!You can eat them just like that, or you can use them in salads, risotto, soups or add them to your favorite pizza.The taste and color of Venus cherry tomatoes perfectly complement other herbs and vegetables, as well as meat and fish.So many options!

Your way to successful cultivation: In the smart garden of Plantui 6, we recommend using only three capsules in this case so that the cherry tomato plants have enough space and light.It is recommended to cover the remaining three holes with thick cardboard to prevent light from entering the bowl.More detailed tips and tricks about growing chilli can be found on the Plantui blog.

For growing cherry tomatoes, we recommend supplementing the Plantui 6 / Plantui 3e garden with a "Boosting Light Height Block" SP-010.
The additional lighting attachment for Plantui 6 will help your cherry tomato plants grow optimally by acting as an additional light source.

• Tomatoes need room to grow.
• In the smart garden of Plantui 6 use only three capsules of cherry tomatoes, in Plantui 3 only one capsule.Cover the remaining holes of the plant holder with cardboard to prevent light from entering the bowl.
• Plants germinate in 7 days.
• Important: Once the first stems have sprouted, leave only one stem on the capsule and remove all the others!
• When the first developed flowers appear, shake the whole plant to spray the pollen on the flowers.Repeat this every few days so that even newly developed flowers are pollinated.
• As soon as the plants start to grow in height, add at least one additional attachment with Boosting Light so that the lower and upper leaf layers have the optimal amount of light.
• You can also add a high-rise attachment with Blooming Light.
• If there are few ripening tomatoes on the plant, you can prune the lowermost stems and leaves.
• Remember: When 'Venus' tomato is colored orange, its excellent taste is ready for you to enjoy.

Plantui seeds do not come from genetically modified plants (GMOs),
they are not chemically, biologically or physically treated in any way.