O-ring 113.5mm x 2mm NBR - O-rings 20pcs

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Sealing Ring - O-ring 113.5mm x 2mm NBR - O-rings 20pcs Dimensions
  • Inner Diameter: 113.5 mm
  • Outer Diameter: < b> 117.5 mm
  • Cross-section: 2 mm
  • Hardness: 70 ShA
  • </ ul> Material

    NBR rubber - also known as acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber or nitrile rubber for short.One of the most popular, currently used types of polymers for the production of technical seals.Excellent resistance to mineral oils and greases, very good low temperature stability (down to -30 ° C), not recommended at very high temperatures (> 100 ° C).High resistance to oils and non-flammable hydraulic fluids, resistant to abrasion.Not resistant to ozone, brake fluids, hot water.


    O-rings are the most popular technical seals.The simple design, variety of materials, dimensions and hardness makes it found in every industry, in millions of machines and products.


    black (color may vary)


    The price is for 20 pieces (s), the price includes VAT .