non-contact bins 12L contactless trash can

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Litter bin 12 L, non-contact, oval shape, stainless steel. Litter bin made of high quality raw material.The automated basket cover ensures 100% hygiene and no contact with the bacterial cluster.The lid of the container opens spontaneously, thanks to the built-in infrared sensor that reacts to movement.In this model, it is not possible to open the basket with the button.The use of high-quality durable steel keeps the basket clean.The tight lid effectively traps any odors in the waste container. The small size of the bin makes it universal and suitable for use in any room, at home, in the office, doctor's office, dentist's office, medical clinic or hospitals. -9 LED is only red - no OPEN option - the basket opens only automatically!Capacity: 12 liters Size in the package: Size without packaging: 34.2 X 24.4 X 42.3 cm OPERATION OF THE INFRARED BASKETS: The LED flashes on average every 6 seconds - the basket is ready for operation When the lid opens automatically - the LED lights green . When the lid closes automatically - the LED lights red. When the lid is permanently opened manually, by pressing the "OPEN" button, the LED flashes green every 6 seconds When the batteries are low, the LED flashes yellow every 6 seconds. BATTERY INSTALLATION: Lift The basket cover is located on the lower part of the cover, where you can load two pieces of R-14 batteries. container with running water, because it is an electronic device. Do not press your hands on the open cover of the container - the basket opens and closes.If the lid does not open properly, check the batteries for damage (leakage). The infrared sensor should not be exposed to direct, continuous sunlight. Insert the bag as follows: first put the garbage bag through the ring, then install the ring in the trash can.In this way, the bag will not protrude outside the bin (aesthetic effect). When throwing out the rubbish, bring your hand close to the infrared sensor (distance approx. 10 cm).The lid of the container will open within 0.5 seconds and then it will close automatically after 3 seconds after the waste is thrown into the container and the hand is removed from the field of the infrared sensor. If you press the "OPEN" button, the cover will open automatically and will not close until you press the button "CLOSE".This function is for the permanent opening of the bin in a situation of continuous waste ejection.(This feature does not apply to models: DZT 8-1c, DZT 12-18, DZT 12-9 sold separately, as well as in COMBO set.) ...