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Mitsubishi Electric
Product weight
51000 g
51000 g
Power (original)
4.2 kW
MITSUBISHI wall-mounted air conditioning unit with quiet operation - 4.2kW MSZ-AP42VG / MUZ-AP42VG.Energy-saving air conditioning for very small or even larger spaces.Fits into any interior.The units are also extremely quiet.The units use the patented Dual Air Guide air outlet technology, which ensures draft-free cooling and optimal distribution of conditioned air in heating mode.These modern units can be used as a singlesplit system or also in combination with multisplit systems.We can connect two to eight indoor units of different outputs to outdoor multisplit units, in case we need to air-condition more rooms in the building.Energy class cooling: A ++, heating: A +.From the manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric on the e-shop