Metal Drill Bit Turbomax HSS 4.8x41 / 86mm Irwin

Metal Drill Bit Turbomax HSS 4.8x41 / 86mm Irwin

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€2.97 +VAT
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PLN 13.86 +VAT
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Turbomax HSS 4.8x41 / 86mm Irwin drill

  • Turbomax is primarily intended for high performance drilling in sheet metal, but works well in all types of wood and plastics
  • Suitable for drilling stainless steel, however HSS Cobalt products are specially designed for this purpose
  • Remember to always use coolant when drilling stainless steel
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    • Drill diameter: 4.8 mm
    • Working length: 41 mm
    • Overall length: 86mm


    1.100 ° tip for the fastest start:

    Most precise centering and guiding

    -No shifting, also on curved surfaces

    No need for a center punch centering position

    2. 140 ° cutting arm for a smooth finish:

    Drills perfectly round holes with clean exit holes - minimized burr

    Does not get stuck in multiple layers of thin material

    3.Ground Blade:

    Solid ground material for high drilling accuracy and fast chip removal

    4. Solid, reinforced web structure:

    For increased strength and durability - does not break

    5.High speed steel (HSS) W9:

    For sharper cutting edges and excellent heat resistance


    Excellent abrasion resistance.Hardness 63-66 HRC

    7. 3-flat shank:

    Prevents slippage in the chuck

    No damage to the drill due to slippage

    Safe and strong grip, especially for keyless chucks