Metal drill bit HSS-G 9.4 x 125 mm Milwaukee Thunderweb, 5 pcs

Milwaukee Osprzęt
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Milwaukee Osprzęt
Manufacturer catalog number
  • Diameter (mm): 9.4
  • Total length (mm): 125
  • Length working (mm): 81
  • Pack quantity(pcs): 5
CHARACTERISTICS Milwaukee Thunderweb Metal Drill
  • Thunderweb is characterized by a tapered web that thickens towards the back of the drill bit.Standard drill bits have a constant thickness along their entire length.Even at its narrowest point, the Thunderweb core is thicker than the core of a conventional drill.
  • Cross-section of a parabolic lattice: High network density.Some endurance.
  • Groove Geometry - Thunderweb groove shape evacuates debris quickly.It better distributes heat, thus extending the service life.
  • 135 ° double-chisel blade - Precise start, the drill bit does not slip on the material surface.
  • Perfect finish reduces friction and extends drill bit life.
  • Impact resistant ABS copolymer case with additional rubber corner protection.
  • Withstands higher feed and torque loads, which means fewer breaks.
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  • Metal drill bit HSS-G 9.4x125 mm Milwaukee Thunderweb - 5 pcs