Metal Detector with Maclean Energy MCE991- Yellow discriminator

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A very useful device for any seeker of metal objects.It allows you to detect both small metal coins as well as steel beams in the floor or walls.
The precision of indications is ensured by an analog high sensitivity indicator.
The MCE991 detector has an arm handle and an adjustable probe arm length.Measurement results are read on a clear analog indicator and an acoustic signal is heard.
In order not to draw attention to yourself, it is enough to connect the headphones to the Jack 3.5mm socket.The device has a volume control.
Safe, Energy-saving, Universal, Convenient, Durable!
The detector has an internal speaker volume control and an additional headphone jack.
Thanks to the good balance of the device and a comfortable grip under the arm, the seeker's work will become even more enjoyable.

Search depths (indicative):
- Small items e.g. coins: up to 10cm
- Medium items e.g. gun: up to 25cm
- Large items e.g. . knight's armor: up to 40cm
- Very large objects, e.g. a tank: up to 120cm

Technical specification
- Metal Detector with discriminator
- Differentiation of metals ( ( Low Batt)
- Detector operation signaling (Power)
- 1x9V battery powered (6F22) (not included)
- Automatic tuning
- Volume control
- Adjustable length: 78 ~ 106cm