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Power consumption
0.3 W
Lighting dimmer SCO-813 230V F & amp; F

Product description

1000W.For a 35mm rail.
The lighting dimmer is used to turn on and off incandescent and halogen lighting with the possibility of adjusting the intensity of this lighting using any momentary (bell) switch.

Operation The lighting is switched on after the current impulse caused by pressing the momentary switch (bell) connected to the relay.The lighting will turn off after the next impulse.Holding the button> 1sec. allows you to set the desired light intensity (smooth light pulsation in the loop BRIGHTER → DARKER → BRIGHTER).
The lighting returns to maximum brightness each time it is switched on.
Lighting can be controlled by means of many buttons connected in parallel, located at different points in the room.
"SOFT START" - holding the button> 1 sec. when switching on the lighting, it illuminates smoothly from “zero” (DARKER → BRIGHTER).
SCO-813 can work with illuminated buttons.

Technical data:

Supply voltage 230 V AC Maximum load current AC-1 4.5 A Triac actuator State memory NO State memory after power failure NO Maximum power of connected lamps 1000 W Installation 3- wired Application Incandescent lighting, halogen lighting, toroidal transformers Load control switching off at 0 (for inductive and resistive loads) Connection screw terminals 4.0 mm2 Tightening torque 0.4 Nm Power consumption 0.3 W Operating temperature -25 ÷ 50 ° C Dimensions 3 modules (52.5 mm) Mounting on 35 mm rail Protection degree IP20 SCO-813 F & amp; F