KSB COBRA-SGO DN250 PN16 / 25 valve with oval body

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Technical data sheet for download Use: circulation of drinking and service waterclimatization equipment and cooling circuitsirrigation and supply plumbing equipment of buildingsfood and beverage industrywaste management and wastewater treatment plantsflow regulation in liquid circulationclosing of circulating systemswaste waterwinds mineral oil oils and emulsionsEquipment and benefits: shut-off slider with blind flange and oval body electrostatic surface treatment with expoxide resin, certified for drinking water cast iron body with permeability suitable for flow guarantees low pressure loss body without dead spaces ensures minimum pressure loss by NBR modification - non-hazardous elastomeromanticorosion protectionTechnical parameters: connection dimension: DN250 - flange mounting length Item: 450 mmMaximum operating pressure: 25 Bartype flange: PN16 / 25Maximum fluid temperature: 70CMaterial: Cast iron, NBRManufacturer: KSB