KORKMAZ Zeta 3 pcs

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  • Destination countries Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary, Romania
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Kuchyňská technika s.r.o.
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  • Omelettes with a diameter of 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm
  • The set is made of cast aluminum and the outer surface is provided with a granite layer.
  • minimal possibility of burning food during their preparation
  • perfect thermal conductivity - dishes keep their temperature for a long time
  • scratch resistance
  • very effective i healthy cooking, with a minimum amount of fat - suitable for diet meals
  • suitability for frying, flambéing, stewing
  • significant energy savings due to first-class use of thermal conductivity and pot bottom quality </ li >
  • you can lower the temperature and still keep the pot hot and you can cook without additional energy costs
  • contains no toxic PTFE and PFOA, produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • suitable for everyone types of cookers, except induction
  • easy maintenance and cleaning (dishwasher safe)