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1 l

Ecological, efficient and hand-friendly washing of dishes.Concentrate for professional hand washing of dishes and surfaces.

Dilute 6 liters from 1 liter.

For about 30 CZK you have 1 liter of prepared preparation for dishes.

Highly concentrated with an excellent ability to dissolve fats, yet it is very gentle on the skin.It does not contain dyes or fragrances and therefore does not affect food.Disoman doesn't stick to the dishes.Thanks to the degreasing power, it is ideal not only for washing glass, but also black dishes or surfaces or floors in kitchens.

Use: 1 spray (equivalent to approx. 2.5 ml) in 5 liters of warm water for washing in a water bath or dilute into dilution bottles with a small hole in a ratio of 1: 5 for washing under running water.

Disoman is a high-performance detergent for ecological dishwashing - concentrate

Liquid, pH-neutral high-performance detergent for hand washing dishes and kitchen utensils.The product gently cleans the material, removes dirt of all kinds and has an excellent ability to dissolve fats.The optimized combination of active ingredients does not affect food.The highly concentrated product has excellent yield, is economical in consumption and does not contain dyes or fragrances.
The environmentally friendly composition enabled Disoman to be awarded the Ecolabel.

Area of application
For washing dishes such as plates, glasses, pots, pans, cutlery and all washable kitchen utensils.

1 spray (equivalent to about 2.5 ml) to put in 5 liters of warm water.
Wash plates, glasses, pots, pans, cutlery and kitchen utensils with a brush or sponge.
Stubborn pollution soak briefly.
Then rinse with drinking water and let dry.

When using a Kiehl pump for dishwashing detergent, give one press of the pump 20 ml per 40 liters of warm water.In case of heavy soiling Disoman dose twice.

0,5-1 ml per 1 liter of water

Composition (according to 648/2004 / EC)
Anionic surfactants 5 - 15%, nonionic surfactants 5 - 15%, amphoteric surfactants & lt; 5%, excipients, preservatives: phenoxyethanol.
Concentrate pH value: approx. 7 Working solution pH value: approx. mytinadobi #ekologickemytinadobi #ekokuchyn #umyvaninadobi #silneeko