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Manufacturer catalog number
Profile material
Profile height [mm]
40 mm
Silver color
Profile sheet thickness [mm]
1-5 mm
Profile width [mm]
40 mm
Profile length [mm]
2200 mm

PAL40H40 / 22 aluminum profile 2200 mm th. sheets 15mm

Aluminum profile PAL40H40 / 22 2200 mm th. 15mm sheet metal - This is an element used in the assembly of photovoltaic structures on sloping or flat roofs.It is used to create supporting structures for PV panels.The material is made of the highest quality aluminum.Which ensures a long service life and enormous resistance to all kinds of weather conditions.Due to the use of a special cross-section, the profile has increased durability and provides stable support for the PV panels.Additionally, the appropriately selected width of the sockets in the profile prevents the rotation of the hexagonal bolts and nuts.

Technical parameters:

  • series and type: PAL40H40 / 22 aluminum profile 2200 mm th. 15mm sheet metal
  • material: aluminum
  • sheet thickness: 15mm
  • width: 40mm
  • height : 40mm
  • upper socket: M8 screws
  • lower socket: M10 screws