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Ista Breeze Wind Turbine i-700 12V

Ista Breeze Wind Turbine i-700 12V

Ista Breeze
€598.93 +VAT
PLN 2,601.63
1 pc.
€598.93 +VAT
PLN 2,601.63
1 ×
PLN 2,601.63 +VAT
(1 pc.)
Operating voltage 12V

Micro wind power plant.Recommended for stationary solutions.
NOTE: A battery charge controller or on-grid/off-grid inverter must be connected to this turbine.
The generator outputs 3-fazowy current with a voltage of 12V.
Like any wind turbine, it should be installed as high as possible, away from obstacles.
Without notification and without permission, it may be mounted on an existing building on a mast up to a height of 3 meters above the highest element of the roof.
Installation must be solid.We also offer factory masts.
Real energy yields from wind are from 8m/s, i.e. approximately 30km/h.It must be a stable wind, without turbulence.Any obstacles, such as buildings, trees at a distance of up to 50m, cause turbulence that significantly reduces the wind energy.The best thing is an empty field on a hill.Finding good conditions for a turbine may not be easy.Of course, the higher the mast, the stronger the wind.

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