Industrial UV-C lamp ULTRAVIOL NBV 2x30 IP 65

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Industrial UV-C lamp ULTRAVIOL NBV 2x30 IP 65

Product for effective disinfection of packaging, passage rooms, general disinfection of rooms where the packaging and production process is carried out food or industrial.


  • range of operation: 10-20 m2
  • mounting: for hanging (can be mounted on mobile tripod for an additional fee)
  • radiation intensity: 2.1 W / m2
  • download power: 62 VA
  • dimensions: 980x210x155 mm
  • < li> weight: 3.2 kg

The presented lamps have an excellent application not only in the food sector, but also in all health care facilities, including hospitals, clinics and clinics.

Industrial bactericidal lamp of the NBV 2x30 IP 65 series has:

  • the possibility of hanging from the ceiling
  • easy installation
  • safety in use
  • the possibility of foiling bactericidal fluorescent lamps
  • remarkable disinfection efficiency

The radiation emitted by the lamps with a value of 254 nm guarantees a very permanent disinfection of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microelements.The bacterial spores are thus permanently rendered harmless.