Inclined wall hood POL-730 POLGAST POL-730 2400x1400

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Information from the manufacturer: As standard, the products are made of AISI 430 stainless steel, and the elements exposed to the strongest chemical and organic agents, i.e. table tops with a sink and grease separators, made of stainless steel, the so-called AISI 304 acid iron.All our furniture can also be entirely made of this material. Most of the furniture can be ordered in non-standard dimensions or taking into account other, individual expectations in terms of finishing and dimensioning. as well as joining and final finishing is carried out with the help of our highest-quality production machines, operated by a team of qualified and experienced employees of Polgast. They work only on machines of renowned global and domestic brands.All devices are modern, which guarantees the highest quality and precision of products ...