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Drying time
Touch dry after 30 minutes; possibility of repainting after 1-2 hours
4 - 8 m² / L
Application conditions
8 ° C- 30 ° C, relative humidity <85%
Application methods
Brush / roller / spray
Product properties.Tikkurila HydroBlock WB is a transparent water impregnant that penetrates well into the substance and chemically reacts with the substrate.Very suitable for "tight" mineral surfaces.It creates a hydrophobic surface that prevents capillary penetration of rain and water splashes into the structure.It allows the passage of water vapor from the inside of the structure.Limits salt from moving to the surface.Does not form a surface layer.It limits the growth of algae, green blooms, discoloration and prevents damage caused by frost.Application examples.Typical applications are the facades of houses, commercial, industrial, storage buildings, etc., tiles and paving stones.Designed for most materials of mineral origin, such as brick, lime silicate bricks, aerated concrete, concrete, concrete with exposed aggregate, plastered and mineral façade panels.Effective impregnation.High "pearl water" effect.Tikkurila HydroBlock WB enables evaporation of water vapor from the inside of the structure and limits the movement of salt to the surface of the structure.Does not form a coating.It reduces the growth of algae and green discoloration as well as prevents frost damage.Increased durability.It prevents salt blooms and frost damage.Does not form a coating.Tikkurila Hydroblock WB can be used as an invisible cover for many mineral surfaces, such as concrete, bricks, tiles, plasters and mineral tiles.The shipping price of PLN 20 is the price for 6 items. 5L packaging. e.g. 1-6pcs = PLN 20, and 7-12 pcs. = PLN 40 shipping cost (max. In a package = 6 items).Shipping by DPD courier