Herbol Offenporig Aqua Shade: rustic oak, Packaging: 1 l

rustic oak
1 l
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rustic oak
1 l

Universally applicable water-soluble wood stain Herbol Offenporig Aqua in indoor and outdoor environments with UV filter


  • consumption approx. 0.085 l / m2 for one coat of paint (approx. 12 m2 from 1 liter)
  • density approx. 1.05 kg / l
  • water-soluble paint (mixture of special acrylic and alkyd resins)
  • silky gloss
  • quick-drying
  • minimal odor
  • resistant to moisture and water
  • breathable for water vapor outwards from the wood
  • highly elastic
  • easy to process
  • protects wood from the weather for a long time and enhances its UV protection
  • primer, intercoat and top coat from a single can
  • brush application
  • dilution and cleaning of tools with water

Drying time:

  • dust-resistant in approx. 30 minutes
  • abrasion resistant in approx. 3 hours
  • recoatable in approx. 6 hours
  • dry in approx. 24 hours

Use: < / p>

    < li> suitable for new and renovation coatings on all volume-stable and unstable wooden parts
  • interior and exterior coatings
  • beams, lining, house cladding
  • fences, pergolas, garden houses
  • floorboards
  • doors, windows
  • furniture

The substrate must be clean, dry, load-bearing, roughened, free of all surface impurities, such as grease, wax, polish.For renovation of old coatings, perform a test coat to verify the load-bearing capacity and suitability of the new coat.Sand gray and weathered wood to a load-bearing layer of wood.

Colorless shade is not suitable for exterior coatings, because it has a weak UV filter and could damage the wood under the paint due to sunlight.

Herbol-Offenporig Aqua is not intended for use on the treatment of surfaces that come into direct contact with food and drinking water, for the coating of children's furniture and toys.