Heat shrink adapter DIN69863A, A63 16.0 / 27.0x160mmHAIMER

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Power Shrink Chuck

Made of: made of heat-resistant steel for hot work.The optimal design combines high rigidity with vibration damping.Precise balancing with balancing screws.With closable Cool Jet openings. All functional surfaces are finished , quality guaranteed thanks to double 100% control.Suitable for HSS and tungsten carbide tools.
Taper tolerance: AT3
Shank tolerance: h6
Hardness after hardening: 54 –2 HRC
Application: for induction, contact and hot air shrink devices.Maximum metal removal rates in high speed and heavy machining.
Scope of delivery: Heat shrinkable holder with a length adjustment screw.

Technical parameters:

  • Diameter D1: 16 mm
  • HSK: 63
  • Diameter D2: 27 mm
  • Diameter D3: 53mm
  • L: 50mm
  • A: 160mm
  • HGNr .: W394