Hammer drill bit SDS-Plus premium 6x210x150 Hikoki

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Diameter (mm): 6.0

Overall length (mm): 210

Working length (mm): 150

Pack quantity(pcs): 1

Hikoki PROLINE hammer drill bits Higher drilling rate

SDSPlus double helix hammer drill bits meet the highest quality standards and are designed for professional users.

Hikoki introduces the latest innovation in drill bits that set new standards.

These drill bits have been tested under extreme conditions of use and have proven their quality in terms of performance and efficiency.

Breaking concrete

The newly designed drill bit shape with a centrally located centering cone in the carbide insert offers specific advantages and benefits.

The newly shaped centering cone with a narrow cutting edge cross-section enables quick drilling and easy centering.

In addition to the centering cone in the cemented carbide insert, three "force breakers" have been added - these are visible indentations in the blades.

Today, the impact power is transferred from the machine to a narrow concrete surface, where the power of a point impact is much greater.

The impact effect causes micro-cracks in the drilled material, which in turn results in a noticeable acceleration of drilling.

Discharge of the spoil

After crushing the concrete, debris, debris and dust must be discharged from the hole.

Thanks to the narrower edges of the Vario flute, the front part of the drill has an increased transport capacity.

Thanks to the improved removal of the debris, the possibility of clogging of the spiral, dust explosion during drilling or a marked slowdown of the drill bit when dust remains in the spiral is prevented, accelerating its wear.

The modified shape of the helix significantly reduces friction and material removal, accelerating the drilling process.

The rear part of the helix has wider edges, is stiffer and more durable.The first positive effect of these changes to the helix is the more efficient transfer of the impact energy and faster drilling.

The risk of the drill bit breaking has also decreased.The modified shape of the spiral also significantly reduces vibrations during drilling transmitted to the user and the machine, which makes the operator's work much more comfortable, and the service life and efficiency of the machine are improved.

Hit the drill on the reinforcement

Reinforcing steel is no longer a significant problem.

The dynamic chisel-shaped drill head quickly penetrates the material while removing the debris through a grooved helix.

The bevels of the blades are 35% larger compared to the previous version of the drill, thanks to which the head is much better protected against possible damage in the event of sudden contact with the equipment.

Moreover, lateral jamming of the drill spiral in the armature is minimized thanks to its innovative design.

Speed and service life

All of the above technical improvements guarantee a cutting speed increase of up to 12% compared to previous SDS-Plus drill technology.