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Glass chalk board in a black frame 40x30x1cm

Our store Horeca Polska offers a wide selection of fashionable and stylish accessories for cafes, bars and restaurants, at the same time fulfilling a practical function.A perfect example of this is the presented glass chalk board in a black Securit frame with a wide range of applications.The offered model is an interesting solution that looks great on a wall in an elegant restaurant or a modern cafe.It can be an ideal alternative to paintings or mirrors that no one will pass by indifferently.The versatility of the board means that it can be hung both on the wall and placed on the counter or by the shop window.

Glass chalk board in a black Securit frame - an interesting addition to the arrangement

The presented glass chalk board in a black frame is an original addition to any arrangement.You can put on it the most important information for customers, such as the opening hours of the premises, the menu or the most interesting promotions valid on a given day.A great solution will also be to write down a motivating slogan, a pleasant motto for a good day or simply a nice phrase "Enjoy your meal!".In this respect, there is complete freedom and no limitations.Of course, if you lack an idea for interesting graphics or want to take care of the aesthetics of the inscription, be sure to use the ready-made templates with letters and drawings offered in our store.

Placing or hanging the board in the right place will surely attract the attention of customers who will be happy to return to your premises, especially when they read a catchy slogan on it.So today, take care of the time spent by your guests over a coffee, drink, lunch or cake and create the perfect arrangement using stylish accessories, such as Securit glass board .Its dimensions are very practical, as they are 40x30x1 cm, and the weight is 0.75 kg.An interesting solution will be to hang or place several boards with different graphics next to each other.The chalk markers available in our store will be the perfect complement to the presented board.

Technical parameters:

- dimensions: 40x30x1 cm

- weight: 0.75 kg