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The strapping machine is equipped with a color touch screen, highly resistant to scratches and impacts, as well as tight and protected against the penetration of water, dust and grease.Easy to use, it allows the operator to work in protective gloves. | Optimal settings of the tension force and welding time parameters have been permanently programmed for 9 types of PET FROMM tapes (programs 02-10) It is possible to enter, save and delete own parameter settings for 10 other types of tapes (programs 11-20). Additional universal program (program 01) with the possibility of changing parameters. Tension force adjustable in the range from 250 to 2600 N.The strapping machine, depending on the selected model, is designed to work with tapes 12 to 16 mm wide and 0.40 to 1.05 mm thick (see type table).The strapping machine is designed to tie flat loads.Powered by Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 5.0 Ah and an operating voltage of 18V.| A fully charged battery allows for up to 650 cycles of work (5.0Ah) depending on the parameter settings.Weight of the strapping machine with 5.0Ah battery - 4.3 kg.Connection strength approx. 75% of the tape strength.