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The stretch wrapping robot is the best choice for mobile wrapping of goods.There is no need to deliver goods to the machine, the machine will arrive at the goods.The FR-series also fits goods that are too large for stationary machines.They have an easy-to-use integrated control panel and a wireless or battery-operated drive.Four different models are available depending on the use: FR330, FR350, FR390, FR400.Mast Height of goods: 2000, 2500, 2800, 3300 mm.Head Constant tension of the stretch film, regardless of the roll diameter.Equipped with a clutch that makes it easier to attach the foil to the pallet.C2.80% of the mechanical brake.(FR330) C41, 100% magnetic brake.(FR350) 1 motor pull 200% (FR390) 2 motor pull 300% (FR400) Pallet height sensor.Control panel (OP1 FR330, FR350 & amp; OP2 FR390, FR400) The speed of the robot can be set.(OP1, OP2) Possibility to set the head speed (OP1, OP2) Possibility to set the number of top and bottom wraps.(OP1, OP2) 99 programs to choose from.(OP2) Possibility to set wrapping around the pallet.(OP2) Options Automatic film cut after the wrapping cycle is completed.OP2 panel (99 programs to choose from, wrapping goods) Other Ramp ramp CE mark User manual in Polish