Folding stairs 100x80cm, insulated plywood H = 310cm

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Folding loft ladders 100x80cm are manufactured based on the latest technologies, have an aesthetic appearance and high durability, are characterized by, among others, a hatch made of plywood insulated with a 3 cm layer of polystyrene, the use of a mortise lock and no thermal bridges.

Loft ladders 100x80cm have a 4 x folding ladder - wooden and metal, the sides of the treadmill are made of a steel profile, galvanically protected, while the steps from pine lumber.
Fittings - made of galvanically protected steel with a brass-colored passive.
In the production process, they are completely screwed together, so the delivered product is ready to be installed in the opening.

For stairs with a frame width of 80cm, the width of the steps is 34cm , while the height of the frame (chest) of the stairs is 21cm .The thickness of the hatch (cover) of the stairs is 38mm , it is insulated with polystyrene and finished with plywood.

Folding loft ladders are equipped with a rubber seal as standard, which ensures the tightness of the entire structure.