Fibaro KeyFob Keychain

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The Fibaro KeyFob is a compact, Z-Wave Plus compatible remote control that allows you to control 30 different devices defined in the Fibaro system via the Z-Wave network with 6 buttons, all in the protected security mode of the Z-Wave network with encryption AES-128.

Keyring with which you control the house
Keyring Fibaro KeyFob is your new personal controller that will be with you all the time.You no longer need to turn on the mobile app for basic instructions.The simplicity and the fact that he is always with you makes the keychain an invaluable helper.

Designed just for you
The Fibaro keychain was designed with an emphasis on the smallest details.Its ergonomic and compact shape, inspired by nature, fits exactly in the palm of your hand, raised buttons with different shapes allow you to control your house blindly.

Adapts to you
Each of the six buttons performs the function you need.The key fob also responds to the number of presses (1x, 2x and 3x), holding the button and the key combination.This makes it easy to control ready-made scenes.

Safety comes first
The keychain comes with a fully configurable automatic PIN lock, which reliably protects against unwanted clicks or unauthorized use.

Simplify your life not only at home
Whether you are a professional photographer or just preparing a presentation for your business partners, the FIBARO keychain will greatly simplify your life.Pull the blinds, turn on the music, and create the right lighting with one click?No problem for the FIBARO keychain

The smart controller you will fall in love with
The FIBARO keychain KeyFob is a smart controller that you can equip your whole family with.With the key fob you can not only control individual commands, but up to 30 specific actions.Two-year battery life ensures you don't have to worry about the device.The FIBARO system will then simply notify you to replace the battery.

Power supply: CR2450 3,0 V battery (included)
Battery life :. approx. 2 years
Operating temperature: 10 to 40 ° C
EU standards conformity: R & amp; TTE 1999/5 / EC
RoHS 2011/65 / EU
Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
Radio Frequency: 868.4, 868.42 or 869.8 MHz EU; < br> 908.4, 908.42 or 916.0 MHz US;
921.4, 921.42 or 919.8 MHz ANZ;
869.0 MHz or 869.02 RU;
Range : up to 50m outdoors, up to 40m indoors (depending on the terrain)
Dimensions: 70 x 38 x 15 mm