Festool CONTURO KA 65 Set + 240 pcs EVA glue white 574613

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Edgebander CONTURO KA 65 Set now in a convenient set with 240 pcs of white glue EVA 48X-KA 65.Strengths and benefits
    Efficient, easy and clean work as well as fast color change thanks to a patented adhesive system using cartridges.
    Perfect joint quality with high adhesion thanks to precise adhesive dosing.
    Clean nozzle system without the need for cleaning, safe work thanks to a small heating of the instrument housing.
    Glue melting controlled by need.
    No overcooking, discoloration or loss of adhesive quality.
    Easy handling, perfect ergonomics, good workpiece visibility.
    Perfect in the system - integrated into the whole system of accessories and consumables to achieve the perfect edge.

Key areas of application
    Edging of board materials with wooden, plastic or laminated edges.
    Edging of simple rectangular parts up to a complex free shape possible.
    Also as a supplement to the machining center, for edging complex elements of free and round shapes.
    Mobile usable, for quick adjustment of edges on the spot.
    Stationary usable for small series, straight edges, free-form elements and gluing of oblique edges, angle 0-47 °.

Product categories

Technical specification
  • power consumption 1200 W
  • weight 7.9 kg
  • < li> Edge height 18-65 mm
  • Edge thickness 0.5-3.0 mm
  • Inner radius & gt; 50 mm
  • Heating time 8 min
  • Melting temperature 100-210 ° C
  • Feed rate 2/4 m / min
  • Class protection I

Scope of delivery
  • guide table
  • 4x EVA glue natural
  • edge machining set SYS KB-KA 65
  • in the Systainer SYS 4 T-LOC