Epoxy plasticine "strength steel", 50 g - Petec

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Special epoxy-based plasticine, which is kneaded to cure quickly and is mainly used for various repairs and bonding of metal parts, tube 50 g - Petec 97350

used especially for repairs of iron and cast iron parts, threads, pipes, tools, tanks, devices, for the production of molds and models, gluing labels, etc.

has excellent mechanical properties, does not corrode, is resistant to fuels, hydrocarbon products, ketones, alcohol, esters, water, saline solutions, dilute alkalis and acids, etc.

high professional quality (Made in Germany)


base: epoxy resin plasticine

curing: 2 components (resin and hardener)

mixing ratio: 1: 1 (by volume)

color: gray

workability time: 4 min </ p >

functional strength: 10 min

curing time: 30 min

processing temperature: + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C

temperature resistance: - 50 ° C to + 260 ° C


Prior to repair, the surfaces should be cleaned and roughened.The required amount of plasticine is cut off and bent well until a uniform colored mass is formed.It is applied to the designated place within 4 minutes, pressed firmly (especially into cracks and holes) and the excess material is removed.If the area is damp or wet, the material is pressed onto the surface until the adhesive effect is applied.If the material is to be smooth, it is smoothed with water or a damp cloth.After kneading the material with your hands, it is necessary to wash them thoroughly with soap and water.At 20 ° C the material hardens in 10 minutes, hardens completely and can be processed in 30 minutes.