Electric pallet truck 1500kg HC Li-Lon35Ah * 2 Batteries 7h Continuous Operation *

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PLN 5,400.00
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We offer the well-known CBD15 electric pallet truck with 2 Lithium-Ion batteries in the set, which enables about 7 hours of continuous driving.

The trolley has a powerful 0.75kw motor and a large, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a quick charge of about 2.5 hours.The battery allows us for 3-3.5 hours of continuous work.
Batteries, removable suitcase, about 4.5 kg, you can pull it out for charging, but you don't have to.The stroller is solidly constructed, and the minimalist dimensions are kept. This model is equipped with wheels made of Vulkolan, which is a material with high strength, abrasion resistance, is flexible and quiet during operation.
Support wheels ensure the stabilization of the transported goods and relieve the drive wheel. The trolley has an easy to read battery status display.
The trolley is very easy to use and service.
We have most of the components for this model:

Sample components

* Battery 1225 PLN
* Ignition switch 56 PLN
* Drive wheel 280 PLN
* Rollers for forks 89 zł art

For the trolley to move, it is enough to slightly tilt the handle towards you, which makes it easier to work, for example, on a car - it minimizes the moving space.
The stroller has an alternative foot lowering.

*** Technical data

* Lifting capacity -1500kg
* Center of gravity -600mm
* Wheelbase-1243mm
* Weight with battery-156kg
* Wheels-Vulcolan
* Drive wheel 210x70
* Rollers on the forks 80x60
* Support wheels on the drive side
* Height after lowering the forks-85mm
* Total length-1615mm
* Total width-550mm
* Fork width-550mm
* Minimum ground clearance-35mm
* Minimum turning radius-1415mm
* Travel speed with load 4.5 km / h
* Gradeability without goods 8% // With the goods 5%
* Working-electromagnetic brake
* Working motor drive power - 0,75Kw
* Lifting drive power - 0,8Kw
* Battery capacity 24x35Ah

When you buy the presented model of a pallet truck from us, you will receive a guarantee of use.We have a number of spare parts for electric pallet and lift trucks, travel switches, electric and hydraulic components, as well as replaceable rollers and drive wheels.

Possibility of shipping all Poland - Raben

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