Electric Adjustable Desk Sonoma Oak 140x70

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Electric Adjustable Desk Sonoma Oak 140x70 Ergonomic 1-motor adjustable desk

Ergonome 1-motor adjustable desk is the most popular model among our clients.

1-motor desk frame - the most important features

Like all Ergonome height-adjustable desks, the 1-motor desk is also a high-quality frame with optimal parameters.

Convenient control panel with memory function allows for quick and smooth change of working position - max. lifting speed is 25 mm / s.The rack is equipped with one motor .The height adjustment range is from 690 mm to 1150 mm .The lifting system is very quiet - about 50dB and the maximum load is 100 kg .

Electric desks from Ergonome - personalization

Thanks to personalization of sizes and colors, Ergonome electric desks will perfectly match any interior.

You can choose from 3 colors of frames .The tops are available in different color versions of the veneer .You can also choose their width, thickness and depth .Do you need a height-adjustable desk with non-standard dimensions?Design your own!

Ergonome desks are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Choose high quality and comfortable work with Ergonome!

Ergonomic 1-motor adjustable desk The Ergonome 1 motor adjustable desk is the most popular model among our customers.

  • Rack: Complete, electric, 1.motor
  • Tabletop: Melamine faced
  • < li> Column construction: 2.stage
  • Adjustment: Electric with height memory function
  • Adjustment range: < / b> 690-1150mm
  • Max load: 100kg
    • Max speed: 25mm / s
    • Overvoltage resistance: 1 kV (L1 to L2) / 2 kV (L1, L2 to PE)
    • Resistance to el./ stat.: ± 4.0 kV (contact discharge) / ± 2 kV (proximity discharge)
    • Noise: & lt; 45dB
    • Rack designed and tested for compatibility with European ERP systems: Yes
    • Frame color: White
    • Table top size: </ b > 140x70cm
    • Tabletop thickness: 36mm