Combination spanner 16 mm WERA 6003 Joker 05020207001

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WERA 6003 Joker 16 mm combination wrench ⚡ Wrench size: 16 mm ⚡ Wrench length: 182 mm ⚡ Especially designed for narrow spaces ⚡ Special jaw geometry extends the possibilities of using the tool ⚡ Small working angle allows "gripping" of the screw every 15 ° ⚡ Slim , 15 ° deflected ring side of the wrench ⚡ With the Wera tool finder system "Take it easy": color coding system for tools according to size As more and more situations where the installation space is very limited, tools are needed which users can use to they could also successfully work under such conditions.Narrow mounting spaces require additional seating points for the tools.So, can flat wrenches be modified in such a way as to increase the possibility of clamping the tool?The combination of a 7.5 ° angled jaw and a double hexagonal geometry doubles the number of seating points.When rotating 180 ° around the longitudinal axis several times, it is possible to seat the key every 15 ° on the nut or screw head.The Joker 6003 wrench with well-thought-out jaw geometry significantly extends the range of applications in narrow spaces.The Joker 6003 automatically finds a suitable fulcrum after each revolution.The slim, yet strong, ring side of the wrench is angled 15 ° to the tool axis.The high-quality surface provides very good and long-lasting corrosion protection.Wera tool finder system "Take it easy": color coding system for wrenches according to size.