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Voltage type
Lamp shape
Nominal voltage
230 V
Lamp power
5 W
Average nominal lifespan
15,000 hr
Manufacturer catalog number
Classic LEDspotMV GU10 5W 6500K 120 st Philips bulb
Technical specifications
  • Light source properties Shape: Reflector Socket: GU10 Dimmable: No Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Light properties Luminous flux power: 540 lumen Beam angle : 120 degrees Light color: cool white Color temperature: 6500 K Color rendering index (CRI): 80 Illumination time: immediate Lamp warm-up time to 60% (nom.): 0.5 s Maximum housing temperature (nom.): 78 ° C
  • Rated values Rated power: 5 W Rated luminous flux: 540 lm Rated life: 15,000 hours Rated beam angle: 120 degrees
  • Energy consumption Power: 5 W Equivalent in watts: 60 W Energy efficiency label: A + Energy consumption for 1000 h: 5 kWh
  • Durability Durability: 15,000 hours Number of operation cycles: 50,000 Average life (when used for 2.7 hours per day): 15 years
  • Light source dimensions Height: 55 mm Width: 50 mm < / li>
  • Other propertiesCoordinate power factor (nom.): & gt; 0,5 Current consumed by the light source: 41 mA
  • No hassle of constant replacement Philips LED spotlights are a solid alternative to halogen spotlights.It may happen that you forget about their existence after installation, because they will emit beautiful light reliably for many years.
  • High color rendering index (CRI> 80) for vivid colors The color rendering index (CRI) describes the effect of a light source on the appearance of colors.Outdoor natural light has a CRI of 100 - a standard against which we compare any other light source.The CRI index of Philips LED light sources is always higher than 80, which is close to the value of sunlight, thanks to which the LED light sources reflect the colors faithfully and naturally.
  • Very low energy consumption, saving up to 90% By replacing conventional incandescent lamps with Philips LED light sources, you can immediately save significant energy while helping to protect the environment.
  • Lasts up to 15 years With a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours, this Philips LED light source will keep you in the mood for up to 15 years *.
  • Smooth surface and high-quality finish Made of high-quality materials, this LED spotlight offers all the latest innovations.It fits perfectly with currently used lamps.