children's sandpit LANITPLAST SG935 (Wooden children's sandpit with lid, & lt; b & gt; w 118 x l 118 x h 27 cm & lt; / b & gt ;, natural wood 16 mm, impregnated wood.)

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Children's sandpit with lid w 118 x d 118 x h 27 cm.Wood surface treatment: Pressure impregnated wood was used in the production.This is a very effective and environmentally friendly method for wood protection.Diluted high-pressure impregnation salts are pressed into the internal structure of the wood in an industrial pressure chamber, so that the treated wood has a high moisture content at the end of this process and dries very slowly.Therefore, pressure-impregnated wood has specific properties, especially the typical greenish, reddish, bluish or greyish color.There may often be small gray / greenish / white spots on the wood surface.It is often classified as mold at first.Most of them are harmless salt crystals, which combine on the surface with resinous components from wood.These points will eventually disappear and become unrecognizable.Salt crystals on the surface are considered a qualitative feature of careful pressure impregnation.Larger black dots can already be really mold, which can easily occur when storing impregnated wood indoors or with insufficient ventilation.Brushing is often enough to remove them.Scrub heavily affected areas with a household chlorine cleaner.Mold dots are only on the surface of the wood and are a completely natural property of pressure impregnated wood.Prior to assembly, all components must be treated with a deep-acting primer (preventive protection against bluing and mold) from the outside and inside of the components.For the final coating, use a weather-resistant stain with good physical properties in the interior, which protects the wood against moisture and sunlight.The stain should be water-repellent, light-fast and moisture-resistant at the same time.Make sure that the stain has enough color pigment, otherwise the wood may turn gray.Do not use any varnish!Get detailed advice from a specialist paint dealer regarding the protection of natural coniferous wood and follow the work procedure of the paint manufacturer.Apply another coat after perfect drying and ventilation.Thorough protection of wood will fundamentally affect the life of your product.Basic properties: design natural pine wood wood is anti-mold treated with pressure impregnation - greenish color profile thickness 16 mm extremely fast assembly protective cover external dimensions w 118 x d 118 x h 27 cm Package dimensions: package 100 x 120 x 41 cm / 18 kg