Certified construction stilts 61-101 cm

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Intended use: for large construction companies

Size: XL -61 -101 cm

Maximum lifting capacity: 120 kg

Material: aluminum (aluminum alloy 6005A), reinforced aluminum profiles


ID 5299/17/3510 Z

< strong> Professional Line - (Professional Line)

Thomas Markt's work stilts from the Professional (Professional-Line) line are intended for large construction companies, craftsmen, re-fillers , stucco work, interior remodeling, installation of suspended ceilings, for farmers, gardeners, fruit growers and other professionals who often work at heights.The stilts are made of high quality aluminum alloy 6005A (reinforced aluminum profiles with a larger section and thicker walls) in this size have a load of up to 120 kg and are subject to strict quality controls.In addition, the aluminum profiles have been reinforced with a larger cross-section and thicker walls.They have a double system of springs, thus ensuring a free and natural way of moving.The height of the stilts can be easily adjusted to your needs from 61 cm , extending them up to up to 101 cm. Likewise, the heel length can be very easily adjusted according to the user's needs.It is worth remembering that the maximum load capacity of the stilts is The adjustable frame also allows for the perfect adjustment of the stilts to the size of the leg 120 kg .On the one hand, they are great for working at height.They are ideal for the installation of roofs, interior reconstruction, for people who clean windows and buildings, painters, stucco makers, restorers, repairers, electricians, stretch ceiling fitters.

Building stilts replace all kinds of ladders or scaffolding used at low heights.The main purpose of professional stilts is construction and renovation works, such as:

- painting,

- plastering,

- puttying,

- carrying out electrical installations and all other such installations.