Ceiling plate PZD 1790x290x90 mm V3 (Lightweight ceiling plate)

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Lightweight ceiling slab PZD 1790x290x90 mm V3 Ceiling slabs are used to create ceiling and roof structures of buildings with a diameter of up to 3 m in housing construction, civic amenities and where they meet their length and load-bearing capacity.Reinforced concrete of strength class C30 / 37 (orC35 / 45) (applies to both boards and panels) The boards are dimensioned for a payload of 3 or 5 kN / m2 (the stated values of the payload do not include the actual weight of the panels and the permanent load is considered to be 1.5 kN / m2) Full board H = 65 mm or lightened H = 90 mm up to a length of 1040 mm into the cement mortar bed with the prescribed placement 65 mm on both sides Hollow core boards H = 90 from a length of 1190 mm and H = 140 mm into the cement mortar bed at the prescribed placement 140 mm Slab ceiling or the panel is suitable for plaster application, in aesthetically less demanding areas, only a coating weight of 91 kg / pc is recommended