Candlestick switch KARLIK JUNIOR WHE-2

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KARLIK JUNIOR WHE-2 candlestick switch
    Technical data
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Rated current 10 AX
  • Rated voltage 250 V ~
  • Connection Screw terminals
The products of the JUNIOR series can be used wherever there is a high level of dust and moisture, also in industry.

JUNIOR series meets IP54 tightness standards.

  • JUNIOR series products can be used wherever there is a high level of dust and humidity, also in industry .
  • According to the IP classification of electrical devicesIngress Protection Rating) in terms of suitability for work in conditions of exposure to unfavorable factors, such as dust and water, JUNIOR series equipment can be used:
  • & gt; & gt; in rooms exposed to large amounts of dust (workshops, garages, warehouses, etc.); & gt; & gt; in places with high humidity (terraces, gazebos under a roof).The product provides protection against splashes of water from any direction, it cannot be exposed to water streams.
Technical advantages of the JUNIOR series products
  • The JUNIOR series products guarantee a secure connection thanks to the screw clamps.
  • sockets range from single to triple.In the multi-socket version, the socket mechanisms are already connected by wires by default, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the installation.Each cable is terminated with an "eyelet", which prevents the cable from falling out while connecting the installation cables.
  • connectors are also available in a version with backlight, which makes it easier to locate the connector in the dark and ensures safety.
  • as an option, there are also sockets with built-in current path shutters, protecting children against access to hazardous parts of the electrical installation.Then the JUNIOR series sockets do not require any additional external protection.
  • JUNIOR sockets and connectors ensure safe assembly and safe use.
Compact form
  • The products of the JUNIOR series are a neat, compact form with small dimensions.The equipment is designed for surface-mounted installation outdoors or in wet rooms, e.g. garages, basements, utility rooms with access to water, etc.
  • Available colors: white, brown, gray, gray / graphite.
  • Sockets are available with a smoke flap or with a flap in the same color as the housing.Their great advantage is the ability to raise the flap at an angle of 150 degrees, which gives you freedom when connecting the plug to the socket.