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Band thickness [mm]
1.4 mm
Belt length [mm]
190 mm
Temperature range for installation [° C]
-10 ÷ 60 ° C
Red colour
Polyamide (PA)
Belt width [mm]
4.5 mm
Working temperature range [° C]
-40 ÷ 80 ° C
Maximum bundle diameter [mm]
52 mm
Quantity in the package [pcs]
TRYTYTKI® colored SCK produced by one of the best European producers of cable ties, SapiSelco.Intended, similarly to SGT clamps, for use in closed rooms.They are made of polyamide 6.6 (free from phosphorus and cadmium compounds) in red, green, yellow and blue colors in 4 sizes: 100x2.5, 140x3.5, 200x4.5 and 280x4.5.Colored tie rods are mainly intended for fastening, strapping and quick connection of: cable bundles, wires, hoses, pipes, attaching identification plates, etc.Thanks to the variety of colors, they also allow for easy marking of the joined elements, which facilitates their subsequent identification.Their use does not require any tools!The serrated profile is permanently wedged after passing it through the head.The loop formed in this way cannot be loosened.