Banjo Delko Tools jointing device for plasterboard joints

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A device for jointing plasterboard joints.

Material: plastic

Manufacturer: Delko Tools

Weight empty device: 0.8 kg

filler capacity: approx. 2l


The Banjo Delko Tools plasterboard joint jointing device, available at the Thomas Markt store, is a device dedicated to ready-to-use masses in combination with paper tapes.With the help of the offered device, we are able to apply a putty with a paper tape at the same time with one move, which is a very convenient solution.By using our product, each person has the opportunity to shorten their work up to three times!Thanks to the special applicator included in the set, it is not a challenge to use joints in the internal corners of the rooms.

A special tip allows you to bend the tape at the inside corners.Other advantages of the described spoiler are, first of all, its reliability, which enables its use in virtually any situation.The item was manufactured by the Australian company Delko-Tools, famous all over the world for providing professionals with modern devices, easy to use and extremely durable.

The device is dedicated to ready masses in combination with paper tapes.

Recommended compounds: Knauf Shetrock, Rigips premium light, Flugger

Paper tapes of the best leading producers: Knauf, Rigips, Siniat

Any jointing compound for plasterboard is good.The only thing worth paying attention to is

the density that needs to be adjusted (by adding water) so that the paper "comes out" smoothly.

With this device, you apply the putty together with the paper tape at the same time.

By using our device you shorten the working time by as much as 3 times !!!

Thanks to the attached special applicator, it is possible to use joints in the inner corners of rooms.A special tip allows you to bend the tape at internal corners.


Up to three times reduction of working time!

Possibility of joining boards in the inner corners of walls or ceilings!

A precise and aesthetic application!

Saving putty!

The device is made of high quality materials

The original product of the Australian company Delko-Tools

A professional and the only spoiler on the market with an applicator for internal corners - in each set / p>