Aquanax AQR006, Sprayer, 2 pcs in a package

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Manufacturer catalog number
Aquanax AQR006 Spraying system
The AQR006 spraying system is supplied in a set of two pieces, which forms an ideal basis for irrigating lawns and larger areas.

Hose: 4/7
Pressure: 1-3 bar
Flow: 63-94.8 l / h
Range: 3.7-4.5 m

Aquanax - system features: Irrigation with minimal water consumption.
A unique system with an incredible price / performance ratio.
Easy and fast installation.
System built on quick connection without piercing hoses.
You can easily clean up after the season and use it again next year.
Suitable both for irrigation in a large garden and for irrigation of boxes on the balcony.
The system can also be used in commercial horticulture.
Quality materials and long life.

Saves water and wallet Drought problems will need to be addressed more and more often.However, the Aquanax irrigation system is designed so that you can achieve the maximum possible water savings without your garden and wallet suffering.Even with a smaller volume of irrigation, the water gets where it belongs and you keep your garden beautiful.With the Aquanax system, up to two thirds of the water can be saved compared to conventional irrigation.High variability It is clear to us that each garden looks a little different.The advantage of Aquanax products is therefore their high variability.The products can be combined in various ways to achieve maximum efficiency in irrigation.At the same time, their arrangement can be changed at any time and adapted to new conditions when, for example, you decide to grow new plants.Easy installation EasyMount We tried to keep the entire Aquanax irrigation system as simple as possible.So if you decide to combine different products, you are only interested in their connectivity.Everything is designed so that you can choose from a maximum of two different diameters for products that you simply connect with connecting hoses.Thanks to the EasyMount system, you can also easily assemble, disassemble and therefore reuse the entire system in a new configuration.Smart irrigation All Aquanax irrigation elements can be combined with the AQZ001 Smart valve.Thanks to it, you will be able to control the watering from anywhere, because the control of the valve takes place through the mobile application and the Wi-Fi network.We will gradually expand the smart irrigation system with additional elements that will provide all users with maximum comfort and an overview of the current state of the garden.