ALIEN Maxxo STB T2 H.265 remote control

24 months
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24 months
Battery type
Maxxo remote control STB T2 H.265

High quality replacement remote control of a different look for Maxxo DVB-T2 receivers.

Under the ALIEN brand, you get a quality and cheap replacement for the original driver , which is often no longer available or is several times more expensive.With its quality and mechanical workmanship, the ALIEN controller often surpasses the original controls and thus guarantees you a long service life.

Replacement for the original Maxoo driver

The driver is compatible with these DVB-T / T2 models :

Maxxo STB T2 H.265, Maxxo STB T2 H.265 WIFI, Maxxo STB T2 H.265 Senior

ALIEN Remote Control User Guide

You will receive the remote programmed for your device.ALIEN replaces all functions of the original driver.
After inserting the batteries, first press the device type select button (TV / VCR / DVD / SAT / AUX) , then you can control your device.Along with the controller, you will receive a simple description with a breakdown of the buttons relative to the original controller.

Control up to 4 devices with one controller

The ALIEN 4in1 controller can be programmed with up to 4 devices.This means you can use one controller to control at the same time a satellite receiver, a TV, or a DVD. If you want to program other devices into the ordered controller, write the exact type of your device's remote control in the order in the order.

Completing the driver with another device is charged CZK 50.

Which batteries are suitable for the remote control?

We recommend purchasing GP ULTRA ALKALINE Alkaline batteries

Compared to conventional alkaline batteries, they provide up to 30% more energy .The performance of these batteries is best when used in medium power devices such as various handheld or desktop digital devices, remote controls, game consoles, weather stations and flashlights.

These batteries contain leakage protection and have a shelf life of up to 7 years.

ALIEN 4in1 universal remote control

High quality replacement remote control for your TV, satellite receiver, DVD and HIFI

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