A box of juice

A box of juice

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€30.00 +VAT
1 pc.
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€30.00 +VAT
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€30.00 +VAT
(1 pc.)
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We all know that drinking juice is delicious and useful, so we offer you a convenient and stylish wooden juice box .Wooden juice boxes are designed to hold a bag of juice.Capacity 5l.It is possible to put 3l juice packets and 5l.The juice is convenient to store and consume, as it can be poured directly from the tap into the cup.

Only a box of juice is sold, no juice and a cup.The product packaging is not included in the price.

By choosing our friendly wooden products, you protect the environment and future generations!

Wooden juice box made in Lithuania, manufacturer MB "Kvantuma".Size 16.5 × 22.5 × 35 cm

Quantum - the guarantee of the highest quality!

Our products are constantly evolving and may vary slightly from those shown in the photos.


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