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" Single roller shutter switch, 3 positions (1-0-2) white 10A

Technical data

  • Series - Simon 54
  • Product color - white
  • Commercial designation - DZW1K.01 / 11
  • Dimensions - 75 × 75 × 41 mm
  • Built-in depth - 26 mm
  • Type of material - halogen-free polycarbonate
  • Surface finish - glossy
  • Hole diameter for mounting - Ø60
  • Protection class - IP20
  • Nominal current - 10 A
  • Nominal voltage - 250 V
  • Mounting method - flush-mounted
  • Mounting method - claws / screws
  • < li> Connection method - quick coupler
  • Contact type - tri-stable (no reflection)
  • Certificates - CE, RoHS


Polish product of a recognized company Kontakt Simon."" Simon 54 "" is a modern premium line of electro-installation equipment based on new, reliable and assembly-friendly mechanisms, distinguished by a noble form and rich colors.The accessories function as a symmetrical frame system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fold) enabling the product to be mounted in a horizontal and vertical option.The module is installed in a standard Ø60 box with the use of screws or quick connectors.The manufacturer's warranty for the "" Simon 54 "" series is 6 years!


  • frames adhere perfectly to the walls thanks to a special design,
  • frames are prepared for the IP44 version, you just need to buy a dedicated gasket
  • all multiple frames are suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting,
  • the metal hardware (module) mount presses the frame to the bridge, hiding any mounting imperfections,
  • the new reinforced hardware bridge enables precise positioning thanks to the leveling brackets,
  • special holes in the accessories 'bridge allow for installation also without boxes, directly to the wall surface,
  • base tabs in the accessories' bridge help keep the sets perfectly vertical or horizontal multiple,
  • small accessory mechanism leaves more space in the installation box, each fixture has a clear description on the body, which makes it easy to connect and identify the product,
  • connectors are connected to the network with a convenient quick connector (Ł 10 A connectors) or using clamps for captive screws (16 A), a special recess on the connector body determines the optimal length of the cable insulation,
  • all sockets in the series have current path shutters
< b>
  • switches (single, candlestick, triple, single, stair, double, cross),
  • buttons / switches NO contacts ("" bell "", "" light "", contact louver), power sockets and sockets with a flap (splash-proof) for rooms with a higher degree of humidity,
  • telephone, computer, USB and loudspeaker sockets,
  • RTV, RTV / SAT outlets.