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Glass ceiling luminaire CRYSTAL Silver IP20 square silver EDO777130 EDO Ceiling luminaire CRYSTAL Silver

Ceiling luminaire CRYSTAL Silver is a glass ceiling luminaire with bevelled edges, which will add subtlety and elegance to any room, and also takes up a small amount of space, making it ideal for the living room, kitchen, office or bathroom.

CYSTAL ceiling fixtures, thanks to their glass housing, allow you to create a timeless arrangement and facilitate interior design in any style.In modern and minimalist designs, it looks elegant and tasteful, in loft interiors it can shine with subtlety, and as a perfect complement it will work not only in classic styles, but also in glamor.This is the greatest advantage of these luminaires, delicacy and elegance in one.

EDO lighting

Edo lighting is a fusion of minimalism with original style and elegance - a classic in a new form.The Edo series is not only color but also attention to detail - the right material, shape, connections with metal or glass and matched elegant matte finish.Thanks to the universal design and light form, Edo lighting can be integrated into various arrangements and makes it easy to become an unobtrusive decoration of any place.


  • Color: silver
  • Mounting location: recessed in the ceiling
  • Includes light source: no
  • Length [mm]: 90
  • Width [mm]: 90
  • Height (total) [mm]: 20
  • Glass thickness [ mm]: 9
  • Mounting hole [mm]: Ø65-70
  • Protection class against electric shock: III
  • Socket: GU10 / Gx5,3- none included
  • The luminaire is adapted to light sources of energy classes
  • : A ++, A +, A, B, C, D, E
  • Housing material: glass
  • Fixture angle adjustment: non-rotating
  • Beveled edge
  • IP grade: 20