1011-270-0605 - DT series connector adapter DT series connector adapter

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Deutsch - TE Connectivity
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Number of poles
Deutsch - TE Connectivity

DEUTSCH 1011-270-0605 is Adapter for DT 04-6P; 90 ° series DEUTSCH DT belonging to the category Automotive Connector Caps & amp; Covers.

The hermetically sealed Deutsch connectors supplied by Imcon Electronics DT series are designed mainly for cable-to-cable applications.Typical applications are cabling on chassis, engines or gearboxes, but also for reliable cab installations.Their unique properties stand out wherever it is necessary to connect signals in a difficult environment, where even a small degradation of the signal can be critical.In such applications, the Deutsch connectors of the DT series offer high reliability and excellent parameters at a low price.

Thermoplastic body (operating temperatures -55 C to + 125 C) and silicone seals allow the connectors to be used in conditions with extreme temperature and humidity.

Many DT connectors use Deutsch size 16 contacts, each of which can be permanently loaded with a current of up to 13A.For sensors or CAN buses, contacts with a gold-plated surface are used; for normal use, the contacts have a nickel-plated surface.The connectors can be fitted with loose contacts (tubular / turned contacts crimping tool HDT-48-00) for crucial electrical circuits or more economical contacts on the strips.In both cases, the flexible contact elements are located in the sockets and are covered by a stainless steel tube ensuring their protection together with the guidance of the mating piece - the pin during the connection.No special tool is required to mount the contacts in the connector body.The contacts are secured in the connector body by plastic flexible latches molded as an integral part of the connector body.After mounting the contacts, they are secured with brightly colored secondary fuses.If the secondary fuse is not fully inserted in position during the production of the cabling, it will be inserted correctly automatically when the connector is connected to the mating piece.

Contacts and fuses are not part of the DT connector body and must be ordered separately depending on the required parameters.

Contact us if you need advice on selecting all the order numbers needed to assemble the functional set.We have at our disposal all parts and those that are not listed directly in the e-shop and by the mission of Imcon Electronics, s.r.o. is a collaboration with designers and technicians in the correct use of all components.

Technical parameters for DT series connector adapter:

Number of contacts: 6
Color: Black
Weight: 10,025 g
Tariff No .: 39269097
Serial number: 1011-270-0605

Alternative designation: 003446787, 61057-24