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I am looking for a supplier Bosch GWS 9-125s 100 pcs.

  • Quantity: 100
I am looking for a wholesale supplier, recurring orders


  • Quantity: 1
Hello, do you have any representative or contact person Tell?

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner Bosch GAS 35 M AFC

  • Product: Wet and dry vacuum cleaner Bosch GAS 35 M AFC
  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I found a cheaper vacuum cleaner link belowśmieacz-do-pracy-na-sucho-i-na-mokro-bosch-gas-35- m-afc-3 what can you offer me?

Battery operated screwdriver

  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am interested in buying an akum screwdriver.Milwaukee 205nM

Request 2 lifts to the outbuilding.

  • Quantity: 2
Hello. There would also be a passage door inside the lifts and this door with a larger opening would also have a remote control. The smaller door would also have an access door Also mounted above is a closed part 4400mm wide and 500mm high, its installation would also be necessary. Lifting doors are dark brown on the outside. With dimensions of 4400mm wide and 4500mm high, high. The best, Marko Süda 56662225

Pipes Ø38 (2m) and Ø25 (3.5m) made of galvanized steel

  • Quantity: 1000
Galvanized steel pipes Ø38 (2m) and Ø25 (3.5m), pipe wall min. 1mm, can be cut

Set of isolated socket wrenches with ratchet

  • Quantity: 1

Small tools + drills

  • Quantity: 5000
Polystyrene cutter (hot knife) TORX T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 screwdriver metal 2, 4, 8, 10 Ratchet for bits.

Wooden boxes

  • Product: Wooden boxes
  • Quantity: 50
We are looking for 50 units with the intention of purchasing approximately 300 units by the end of 2021. The box has: - 18 mm thick plywood sides, - 25 mm thick front and back board, - plywood bottom 5 mm thick, - the height is about 20 cm.

550W monocrystalline HALF CUT photovoltaic panel

  • Quantity: 19
I am looking for 20 photovoltaic panels: Just Solar 550W monocrystalline HALF CUT or RESUN RS81-M HALF-CUT, Jinko Solar JKM540M-72HL4-V 540W possibly others to be agreed 550W power - max dimensions: 2280mm x 1135mm


  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am looking to buy a SOLAREDGE SE8K 8-10KW Inverter

Milwaukee cordless sander

  • Quantity: 2
I am looking for a Milwaukee cordless sander. 125 mm with speed control, slide switch.The set includes 2 batteries and a suitcase

A05B-1221 Gearbox axis 5 FANUC

  • Product: A05B-1221 Gearbox axis 5 FANUC
  • Quantity: 1
Gearbox axis 5 FANUC

150 rm PV 40x40 profile

  • Quantity: 1
150 mb PV 40x40 profile

200x Makita DC18RD

  • Product: Makita DC18RD
  • Quantity: 200
We are looking for 100-200x Makita DC18RD. Please send your offer.

300x Makita HP457DWE10

  • Product: Makita HP457DWE10
  • Quantity: 300
We are looking for 300x Makita HP457DWE10.Can be smaller quantity if available. Please send your offer.

100x Makita 197626-8

  • Product: Makita 197626-8
  • Quantity: 100
We are looking for 100x Makita 197626-8. Please send your offer.

Bass Poland grinding machine

  • Quantity: 1
Straight grinder Bass Polska BP-5075 accessories


  • Quantity: 1
I am asking for a price-term offer


  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for a vacuum cleaner for washing carpets, sofas, car seats, etc.


  • Product: Cement
  • Quantity: 50

I am looking for led transformers and led strips

  • Product: Transformers and led strips
  • Quantity: 100
LED strips and transformers

Makita VC3012L industrial vacuum cleaner -buy 2 pieces

  • Quantity: 1
I will buy two pieces Makita VC3012L industrial vacuum cleaner

pex pipe 16x2 purmo

  • Product: pex pipe 16x2 purmo
  • Quantity: 1
pipe for underfloor heating