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Which Subscription Plan is the best for my company?

When you choose a Subscription Plan, there are several things to consider. The Plan best suited for your company may depend on one of three things:

Offers and services

First of all, the number of offers and services you wish to upload. Each Plan has a maximum limit of products and services you can upload that is included in the Plan. This doesn’t mean that you can not exceed the maximum limit, but for each offer or service that goes over the limit in a given Plan, you have to pay an extra fee. This fee is small, but if there are a lot of extra offers they can add up, so it is best to choose the Plan that allows the number of offers and services you wish to upload.

Logistic help

The second thing to consider is whether or not the products you sell would need special shipment and if you can organise shipping of non-standard and hazardous shipments on your own or if you would need help from merXu in doing so. If you need help with that, this can also be a deciding factor in which Plan you choose.

Technical support

The last thing to consider is whether or not you need much technical support in setting up your company on the merXu platform – if the method of offer upload you would choose needs a lot of technical assistance, or you can do it by yourself. 

merXu provides all the necessary information on offer uploading for free in Help Center articles or on phone, but if you need further help in the uploading it will be subject to the limits of each Plan.

You can find the details of the Subscription Plans in our Terms and Conditions or read a summary of the subscriptions HERE.