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How to create an attractive offer that will attract Buyers

How to create an attractive offer that will attract Buyers

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to create an offer that will increase your chances of selling on merXu. An attractive offer is not just the product itself, but also:

- the way you present it,

- the price,

- the benefits you offer to buyers.

Product name - key element of the offer

The search engine for merXu products works largely on the basis of the names and the keywords contained therein. So remember, the better you match the name and the keywords contained in it, the greater the chance that buyers will find and select your offer.

The product name should include:

  • Product trade name: (e.g. Module / Photovoltaic Panel)
  • Manufacturer's name: (e.g. JINKO)
  • Model name (e.g. TIGER PRO)
  • Key parameter(s) potentially searched for by the customer (e.g. 545W, 545Wp)
    Manufacturer's symbol/index: (e.g. JKM545M-72HL4-V)
  • Additional information (about the product type) relevant to the buyer: (e.g. Black Bifacial Mono HalfCut frame)

An example of a good product name is:

JINKO TIGER PRO 545W 545Wp Photovoltaic Panel Module JKM545M-72HL4-V Black Frame Bifacial Mono Halfcut

What to avoid in a product name?

All abbreviations. MerXu automatically translates product names into other languages, so the algorithm is not able to translate, for example, the Polish abbreviation ( 3GN+P+U) in the example of a 3-socket extension cable with a switch and earthing - it will be incomprehensible in another language.

Detailed product description

The product description is your chance to present the features, benefits, and unique points of your product. A good description should answer the questions that buyers may have. The more information you provide, the more trust you will build with buyers and the less likely they are to request a refund. A detailed product description should also include keywords that buyers may use to search for your product, such as the product name, category, brand, model, color, size, etc.

Attractive price

One of the most important factors that attract buyers is an attractive price. You should carefully research the market and set a competitive price for your product. If possible, offer a discount or special promotion to encourage buyers to purchase from your offer.

Proper category

The category is one of the ways buyers will find your product on merXu. Choose a category that best fits your product and its features. This will help your offer appear in the appropriate search results and filters, thereby increasing your visibility and traffic.

Providing PayU payment

PayU is a safe and convenient payment method that allows buyers to pay for online purchases using various methods, such as credit cards, online bank transfers. By providing PayU payment, you will attract more buyers who prefer to pay online and avoid traditional bank transfers, for example, due to the time it takes to book money.

To enable PayU payment, you must register with PayU and connect your merXu account with your PayU account. More information on how to do this can be found HERE

Providing buyers with merXu Pay functionality

MerXu Pay is a type of popular e-commerce functionality called Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). It allows buyers to purchase goods or services without paying the full amount upfront - it defers payment for 30 days. Your company, on the other hand, receives the due payment upfront from the Deferred Payment Provider, which is merXu. This feature is particularly useful for buyers who want to purchase a product but do not have the funds to pay upfront. The seller receives the money immediately, and merXu settles directly with the buyer.

More information on how to verify your account in merXu Pay can be found HERE

Basket discount

Basket discount is a feature that allows buyers to add multiple products from your offer to their basket and take advantage of a promotion that you set. This can increase your sales and reduce shipping costs.

More information on basket discounts can be found HERE

Price tiers

Price thresholds are a feature that allows you to offer different prices for different quantities of the same product. For example, you can offer a single unit of your product for EUR 500 , but if the buyer purchases 10 units, they can get them for EUR 400  each. This can encourage buyers to purchase larger quantities of products and increase your revenue.

This feature is particularly useful for sellers who offer wholesale purchases.

Good quality photos and YouTube video

Photos and videos of your product are a visual representation of your offer. They can determine the success of your sale. In certain categories, buyers will judge your product based on how it looks, so make sure your photos and videos are clear, accurate, and attractive.

A good photo or video should show your product from different angles, highlight its features and details, and match its description and condition. This is especially important if you have used or ex-display products in your offer. You should also use a neutral background, good lighting, and avoid any distracting elements or distortions.