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Here you will find all information about buying and selling on the European trading platform merXu

How much does it cost to use the merXu platform?

All registered Sellers need to choose one of four Subscription Plans: Basic, Standard, Premium or Enterprise, all at different prices. 

Check out the pricing list HERE and compare each plan to help you decide, which plan to choose.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan has no fixed monthly fee. It allows access to all Seller's functionalities, but each uploaded offer or service, merXu logistic assistance, and technical support has an extra fee. 

We recommend the Basic Plan to companies who will occasionally plan to sell on the merXu platform.

Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans

These plans are for Sellers with a greater number of active offers and/or services. The pricing of these plans is based on the extent of the functionalities offered in them. 

For further details on the Subscription Plans and their pricing read more in our Terms and Conditions.