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We are an international company made up of e-commerce enthusiasts.

Are you wondering why you should choose iSPRZET.PL ?
Customers who have used our services at least once already know the answer to this question.To all those who are just getting to know us, we present a few important reasons to start working with us.

  • Multiannual experience

Activities in the field of construction and industry give us practical knowledge of the products offered by our store, and you are guaranteed professional advice by our specialists in the selection of appropriate equipment for the planned works.

  • Comprehensive offer

For many years we have provided comprehensive supplies to companies at every stage of their activity with the highest quality tools and equipment.Our offer is addressed not only to large and small enterprises, but also to individual customers who, thanks to an attractive offer, can easily obtain the product they are interested in.

  • Checked brands

We care about the image of our company very much, therefore we sell only leading and proven brands such as: KARCHER, MILWAUKEE, RYOBI, GARDENA, BOSCH, AMMANN, WACKER NEUSON, TSURUMI PUMP, HUSQVARNA, BOMAG, PROBST, BENZA, ENDRESS, PRAMAC, TOPCON, KREBER, ENAR, TYROLITE, WAGNER, and many more.

  • Highest quality

We guarantee that the products we offer are of the highest quality, additionally, each time before delivery to the customer, they are subject to technical inspection in our company.

  • Wide asortyment

The range of products available in our store is very wide and constantly expanded so that everyone can find something for themselves.If you do not find the equipment you are looking for in the offer presented on our website, please contact our consultant who will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

  • Attractive promotions

Direct cooperation with equipment manufacturers gives us the opportunity to conduct promotional campaigns for individual products.Products covered by the promotion are always placed in the PROMOTIONS tab.In addition, we offer attractive discounts and the possibility of price negotiation for our regular customers.

  • Express shipping

We make every effort to ensure that the product you have purchased reaches your hands as soon as possible.As the only company in Poland, we offer the possibility of express delivery by our company of the goods purchased by you throughout Poland, 5 days a week and 24 hours a day.The ordered shipment will be in your hands up to a maximum of 12 hours.

  • Multiple forms payments

We provide various payment methods so that everyone can use the most convenient form.In addition to traditional payment methods, we enable the purchase of goods in installments and through leasing.Thanks to the cooperation with the best institutions, we can offer you very favorable financing conditions for the purchased equipment.

  • Applications for grants

We offer comprehensive advice and free assistance in the preparation of applications for grants from the Poviat Labor Offices and the European Union for the purchase of machinery and tools in our online store.

  • Transparent offer

We try to make the offer in our store as transparent as possible, and at the same time contain all the necessary information important for customers.Each product can be searched using an intelligent search engine, and the photos attached to product descriptions allow for additional visual recognition of the searched product.



Our specialists will be happy to provide information and answer all your questions .Good contact with the client is our priority, which is why we provide various options for contacting us.

Please contact us at +48 585 261 436 or at

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Walk-behind floor saw Husqvarna FS 400 LV (450 mm)

PLN 9,317.00
  • EAN: 7391883148709
  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Weight [kg]: 99
  • Power [W]: 8700
  • Disc diameter [mm]: 450 (maximum)

Norton CEE Bricks & Tiles diamond blade 125 mm

PLN 12.66
  • EAN: 5450248704980
  • Manufacturer: Norton

Kärcher three-layer non-woven filter bags 5 pcs

PLN 100.00
  • EAN: 4054278256474
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Kärcher brush nozzle set

PLN 64.63
  • EAN: 4054278042060
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser diamond blade 125mm

PLN 52.54
  • EAN: 5450248763208
  • Manufacturer: Norton Clipper

Norton CEE Universal diamond blade 115mm

PLN 11.07
  • EAN: 5450248704898
  • Manufacturer: Norton

Norton CEE Bricks & Tiles diamond blade 115 mm

PLN 11.07
  • EAN: 5450248704973
  • Manufacturer: Norton

Kärcher EASY wet sandblasting unit!Lock

PLN 1,260.00
  • EAN: 4054278257051
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Universal quick coupler Kärcher Premium Aqua Stop 1/2 ", 5/8", 3/4 "

PLN 23.82
  • EAN: 4039784605060
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Tarcza diamentowa Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser 450 mm

PLN 710.94
  • EAN: 5450248348009
  • Manufacturer: Norton Clipper

Kärcher tap adapter G 3/4 "with G 1/2" reducer

PLN 6.58
  • EAN: 4039784288874
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Smoothing disc 950 mm for the Husqvarna BG 375 / BG Combi trowel

PLN 328.70
  • EAN: 7391736951999
  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Kärcher DS / VC parquet nozzle

PLN 61.79
  • EAN: 4054278525211
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Free-standing ladder with steps Krause Corda 2.8 m

PLN 119.00
  • EAN: 4009199000705
  • Manufacturer: Krause

Men's Helly Hansen Lifa pant - Men's Helly Hansen Lifa pant - Black, size 4XL

PLN 87.20
  • EAN: 7040055684377
  • Manufacturer: Helly Hansen Workwear

Abrasive disc for metal Norton Starline A46R 125 mm

PLN 2.20
  • EAN: 5900442697446
  • Manufacturer: Norton

Saber saw AEG PowerTools US 1300 XE

PLN 517.60
  • EAN: 4002395197675
  • Manufacturer: AEG Powertools

Quick charger for Kärcher BC 1/2 batteries

PLN 295.00
  • EAN: 4054278484631
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Kärcher fleece filter bags 5 pcs (50 mm high)

PLN 60.00
  • EAN: 4054278094137
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Spray gun Kärcher EASY!Force Advanced

PLN 450.00
  • EAN: 4054278207612
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser 150mm (30mm) diamond blade

PLN 136.63
  • EAN: 5450248763284
  • Manufacturer: Norton Clipper

Power Kärcher nozzle + extension

PLN 35.36
  • EAN: 4054278315911
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher

Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser diamond blade 350 mm (20 mm)

PLN 190.21
  • EAN: 5450248763260
  • Manufacturer: Norton Clipper

Tajima DC390B / K1 knife with a 9 mm snap blade

PLN 28.76
  • EAN: 4975364111884
  • Manufacturer: Tajima