Candoris Light is a lighting company created in 2006 by people associated with the industry for many years.Until 2020, we worked closely with the company, mostly basing the offer on its products.Currently, we use the long-term contacts with other foreign and Polish producers, which allowed us to participate in the most innovative lighting projects using LED technology.We want to serve our customers with our knowledge, being able to offer them ready-made solutions tailored exactly to their tastes and needs.We are not tied to any manufacturer!When offering our clients specific solutions, we look for the most suitable products, regardless of their manufacturer.The selection of the number and arrangement of luminaires is carried out on the basis of a specialized program supporting lighting design.Our main areas of operation include lighting solutions in the following facilities:

  • office

  • shop,

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  • industrial,

  • using UV-C disinfection lamps.

We also carry out post-warranty repairs of and other lamps.

Repair of track lights and LED downlights

Repair of track lights and LED downlights

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Repair / regeneration of LED lighting fixtures (spotlights mounted on rails and downlights)
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