The company CNC Accessories was established in 2005 in Augustów as a realization of my hobby.It all started with the fact that at that time in Poland it was difficult to find elements for the construction of machines and prototypes.If you already had such parts, they were expensive and most often available on request.

Because I liked building machines and electronics and automation systems, and I had no place to obtain parts for my hobby, I started to import elements from "abroad" on my own.I found a few companies that helped me select good quality goods and service the order.As the one-off orders I made with suppliers or manufacturers exceeded my needs, I started selling these parts.In fact, from the very beginning I was planning to sell because I knew that the quantities I had to order were too large for my needs.In the meantime, I started the production of control systems for CNC machines and other small electronics.In the first few years of operation, the company was located in one room and the warehouse in the garage.Over time, I expanded my offer with other mechanical elements needed in the construction and service of machines as well as industrial automation systems, electronics and tools.At the moment, I have over 300,000 products in my store.It cooperates with many global manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of parts and tools.I have almost 20,000 of the most popular products in my handy warehouse, which I deliver to my clients within 24 hours, and most of the other products on offer can be delivered within 3-5 days.

From the very beginning of my activity, I focused on the quality of products, good prices, fast delivery, friendly and convenient service.Because I know programming languages well, including website programming, I decided to sell products through an online store.I launched an online store.It wasn't easy at first.The Internet was not as popular as it is today, there were not many online stores and people buying online, but it turned out that customers began to notice the advantages of buying online - open price without asking for an offer, insight into the availability of goods, the ability to see the goods in the photo and read product description.Currently, the store serves almost 50,000 customers, I am glad that among them there are people who placed their first orders in 2005.I run the company together with my wife, we employ about 40 people.I am still in the field of automation, electronics and the online store.It has been my passion since childhood, I like what I do, I like development and action.

A wife is a more strict, economic mind.She cares for the company from the analytical and financial side, but she also knows the goods she sells very well.For many years, she served the store's customers and placed orders for suppliers.

Regards Robert Taraszkiewicz

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