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We are the official distributor of over a dozen of the world's largest pump manufacturers.

We offer pumps from manufacturers such as Ebara, EVAK, PEDROLLO, HyDrop, JUNG PUMPEN, GRUNDFOS, STAIRS, NOCCHI, ESPA, DAB, AFEC, OSIP, SIGMA and many others.

Additionally, we enrich our offer with our SAN brand.

From the beginning of our activity, we have been raising our qualifications, and our individual approach to the client means that the quality of our services and client satisfaction are constantly growing.

What makes us different?

Experience - we have an efficient team of specialists who have over 10 years of experience gained in Poland and abroad

Creativity - in creative work, what counts above all is good ideas, and not such missing

Flexibility - we always adapt to customer requirements, but if necessary, we also provide professional advice

Quality - we deliver products at the highest level, and we provide professional services using the best and proven materials.

Installation of pumps and pumping sets

Installation of pumps and pumping sets

€127.84 +VAT
PLN 600.00
Comprehensive assembly of pumps and pumping sets - surface, submersible, pressure boosting, etc.
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